Cease Your Carbon Footprint

With this unprecedented heat wave ending, we need to do everything we can to make sure something like this will not happen again. According to the World Weather Attribution group, the recent heatwave was ten times more likely to happen because of human-induced global warming. So, if we do not want another heatwave, the next generation of humans need to make a change. 

The first thing students can do to reduce their carbon footprint is changing our purchasing habits. Try to only buy fruits and vegetables in their respective seasons. For example, buy apples in the fall instead of the spring. 

Another way your purchasing can help the environment is through clothes. Buying secondhand from thrift stores or online storefronts like Depop or Grailed is a great way to make sure your purchase is not harmful. But, understandably, not everyone wants clothes that someone else has already worn. When buying clothes firsthand, try to do some research about where you are buying from. 

Hundreds gather to protest global warming | (photo credit: I… | Flickr
Hundreds go to protest global warming, Image courtesy of Flicker

The most important search is making sure that you are not buying from a fast fashion brand. Fast fashion is often cheap, which is due to the use of sweatshop laborers to keep products cheap and manufactured quickly. 85% of these products are wasted due to changing trends. The fast fashion process is also responsible for one third of microplastics in the ocean. Some examples of fast fashion brands are H&M, Shein, and AliExpress.

Finally, keeping an eye on your energy usage is also important. Make sure to turn off the faucet while you brush your teeth or clean your dishes. You can even lower your heating/air conditioning but just a few degrees, it can make a surprising difference. Try to unplug your phone or headphones from the outlet when they get fully charged. Lastly, taking shorter showers will also make a definite difference in the environment.

We as students need to make sure we are doing our part as the next generation in order to keep our earth as healthy as possible. If you give these tips a try, I am sure you will find that making a change is not as hard as it seems.