The B-Wing is B-eautiful


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We haven’t seen the entirety of the B-lot or B-wing since the beginning of last summer; when the fences came down in the middle of August, local Royals were very happy indeed to see a gorgeous new archway, a B-wing building — previously a cluster of portable classrooms — with specifications for the notable San Marcos Heath Academy, lovely Southern California landscaping, and a bright blue fence in place of a drab chain-link one. The ribbon-cutting ceremony occurred on 23 August under the new archway.

First, school principal Mr. Behrens introduced Susan Deacon, school district Board Member, and Dr. David Cash, district Superintendent. Then, Mr. Behrens began the rounds of thanks, and concluded the speaking portion with comments from Carl Mayrose and David Hetyonk, Project Manager and Director of Facilities and Operations, respectively. The ribbon was then cut. A tour was led by Dean of Students Mr. Garske, and the new wing was displayed to the public.

It is because of the generous support of the community, who voted in 2010 to invest in permanent classrooms,” said Deacon. “This project also put people to work in the community. It made jobs.”

The money for such an ambitious project – about $7.8 million — was voted upon two years ago in Measure Q. Plans for the new wing have been in the works for five years previously, anyway.

It was a very collaborative effort,” said Hetyonk. “This is a one-of-a-kind health institute in the city, and as far as I know, the county.” Also mentioned was the extensive underground work all over campus that while not visible, has improved San Marcos’ infrastructure. Examples of those improvements include water runoff collection and wireless internet.

Other transformations have been made to campus beside the south-west section of campus: part of the Greek Amphitheater and the driveway between the M and I wings has also been cleaned up and re-landscaped. The front of the old B-wing has also been given a facelift, with new sod and trees.

Now, combined with Warkentin Stadium and Sut Puailoa Field, San Marcos has an updated, beautified campus to complement our stellar student body and awesome staff. 

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