Freshmen, Have No Fear: Seniors Are Here!


Editor in Chief & Staff Writer

Welcome, class of 2016! It is our pleasure to congratulate you all for becoming the newest members of the San Marcos High School student body. Get ready for four years of wonderful experiences. But before you begin your successful high school career, here’s some advice that will guarantee you  the best high school experience you can possibly have. 

There are several things I wish I had known about high school before I took on my first day as a freshman. For starters, high school campuses are usually much bigger than junior high or middle school campuses. I entered the school through the C-lot, assuming, my first period class would only be a few steps away. Little did I know that my first class was on the other side of the campus, in the F wing, and I would be 10 minutes late to class because of it. So if you’re lost on your first day, no need to fear. Just below this article, there is a map of the San Marcos campus to help you out. There are also several of juniors and seniors in the link crew shirts that will be more than happy to direct you to your next class.

Another thing that I wish I had  known as a freshman is to be a little more compassionate toward my teachers. During my freshman year, I had some pretty great teachers, but I also had some I didn’t get along with as well. Now, looking back, I wish I had shown a little bit more respect to teachers, because now, as a senior, I don’t have the same bond with some teachers as I have with others. Among the perks of getting along with staff members is help with the college application prossess. Remember, your teachers want you to succeed above all else. They might be able to help you with college essays, or if you’re lucky, they might even write you a letter of recommendation. It may seem like millions of light years away, but keep in the back of your mind: you will soon be preparing yourselves for your lives after high school, and close teachers can be your greatest resources. It is worth introducing yourself, and later investing in a relationship with your teachers. 

On the same thread, introduce yourself to your counselor. Not only will you get insight concerning classes to take, but for the inside scoop on college and extracurricular information, there is no better place than the Counseling Office.

Another very important office is the Career Center. Get started with your community service hours right away! To graduate, you must have sixty hours, but feel free to go above and beyond. Ms. Castenada will be happy to answer any questions about volunteer opportunities around the community.

Lastly, I wish I knew about the many joys of becoming involved with the school. San Marcos has many different types of clubs for personas of all sorts. These clubs range from the Red Cross club, to the Ukulele Club. Not your thing? Academic teams such as Mock Trial and Model United Nations are involved teams that compete  on a national level yearly. Clubs are not only a great way to become more involved with the school, but they’re also an opportunity to meet new and interesting people who have may have things in common with you.

Another way to get involved with the school is by showing some school spirit. San Marcos is well known for having the largest student section at any  basketball or football home game in the county. Be sure to deck out in red and show some pride for our school at all the games! The more involved you become with the school, the better your high school experience will be. Deck out in red and show some school spirit!

High school is definitely a big transition from junior high school. No one will make sure you turned in your homework on time, or repeatedly tell you if a test or exam is coming up. Although there is no one to baby you anymore, there are always people here to help you. Do not be afraid to walk into a classroom, the library, or the office to ask where something is located. If you ever need someone to talk to about  academics, or any other personal problems, be sure to make an appointment with your counselor. 

Don’t take yourself too seriously, be intelligent, and enjoy the ride.Heed our advice, go forth, and have a wonderful four years. 


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