Link Crew Brings In “Fresh Meat”


Contributing Writer

Every upperclassman remembers those looming freshman fears: Will I like my teachers? Who will I hang out with? Will I get lost on the way to class? Luckily, brand-new San Marcos students do not have to worry, because Link Crew is there to help.

Link Crew is the group of volunteer San Marcos students who act as mentors to incoming freshmen. The new students are split into small groups, and each group is assigned to a few Link Crew leaders, returning third or fourth year students.

This year, the freshmen were given a campus tour, opportunities and activities to bond with their fellow classmates, and, most importantly, advice on how to make the most of their first year of high school. Mr. Solis gave his signature speech to the incoming class, they received their identification cards, and were sent on their ways.

Good luck to all incoming freshmen; may you not be gobbled up by the scary juniors and seniors prowling campus. Check out the back page for further advice on how to make the most of your freshman year.

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