State of the Campus Addresses

ASB President Ian Hall, district Superintendant Dr. David Cash, and San Marcos Principal Mr. Ed Behrens pose at the opening of the newly renovated B-wing at San Marcos High School.


Dear Royals,

As our 2012-2013 school year begins, I would like to welcome everyone back from what I hope was an enjoyable summer. Last year we had a very active year as our school spirit reached new highs and our students continued to strive for excellence. We saw the introduction of our new turf field in Warkentin Stadium as well as a Royal flash mob that was viewed worldwide. With the help of our great faculty and administrators, both our academics and athletics received recognition in the community as our students worked hard in and out of the classroom. As we progress into this new year we have many things to look forward to; for example, the introduction of the new health academy wing, as well as the renovations to the front of the school. With this new wing we are taking a distinctive part of San Marcos and expanding it to allow all students the opportunity to explore careers in the medical field. We are also introducing a new head to football, Coach Anthony Linebaugh. We welcome coach into our Royal family and this year will be sure to show our support to him and football as we cheer the team on in the student section. Furthermore we are also welcoming in our Class of 2016; this will be the largest class currently at San Marcos and as a whole we wish them luck as they begin their high school journey. This year’s Commissioners of Rallies, Jamie Elster and Emily Libera, will once again work to unite our student body into the Royal Pride as we show off our famous school spirit.

In addition to keeping school spirit on the rise, this year’s ASB will be working on ways to make our school look as great on the outside as it feels on the inside. We are excited to work closely with administrators such as Mr. Behrens this year in order to provide the best experience for everyone at San Marcos. We hope to bridge the gap between student and faculty in order to make San Marcos one cohesive family. This year ASB is filled with an outstanding group of experienced leaders including our ASB Vice President Ramin Parvin, Advocate Parlimentarian Jordan Lund, Secretary Jacob Iuele and Treasurer Michael Harris. Also holding positions on ASB are Paxton Ridgeway, Diego Neira, Jamie Elster, Emily Libera, Emma del Sol, and Izzy Bacon. Included also are the respective class presidents; Abdallah Alabdulwahab as Senior Class President, Agustin Angel as Junior Class President, and Oliver Piltch as Sophomore Class President. We look forward working closely with an amazing group of class officers for the 2012-2013 year who all are very dedicated to San Marcos.

This year we have many things to look forward to as a school. As an ASB we promise to do our best this year to accomplish a wide variety of projects around school as well uniting our student body once again. With this group of ASB officers we hope to have an effective and productive year ahead of us. I hope everyone is looking forward to this year as much as our ASB is because we believe it will be the best year so far. I look forward to working with everyone in this 2012-2013 school year. Go Royals!


Ian Hall

ASB President


Dear Students,

A huge WELCOME BACK and WELCOME to the class of 2016. As you will notice the construction on the new B-wing is basically complete with only some landscaping being finished up. It looks amazing! It is just another reason to be proud to be a Royal. We have high expectations for all students to focus academically, to behave positively and to pump up the Royal Spirit tremendously this year. We want to see a huge cheering section at all of the various sporting events.

This is going to be the best year yet. I know all of our sports programs are improving yearly and our performing arts always astound us with their performances. Every program is really looking up this year whether it be cheer, mock trial, art, etc.

We are very happy about the new and newly returning staff who are here to teach and help out programs this year including:

Kelly Ary – Math Teacher

Luke Sunukjian – Math Teacher

Brendan Malloy – English Teacher

Kimberly Tilton – Chemistry Teacher

Debbie Keys Thomas – Special Ed CTE Teacher

Anthony Linebaugh – Football Coach/Teacher

Sherri Bryan – Librarian

Mike Irwin – Art Teacher

Jeff Squires – Woodshop Teacher

Alpha Ramirez – Counselor

Carrie Anderson – Counselor

Stephanie Jones – Youth Service Specialist (YSS) through CADA

Macie Berlin – Youth Service Specialist (YSS) through CADA

Andrea Pons – Special Ed SH Teacher

Alex Sheldon – Health Teacher, Girls Tennis Coach and Entrepreneurship Academy Director

Jennifer Sotelo – Special Education Teacher

We will be continuing to focus on Rigor, Relevance and Relationships this year. That means: (Rigor) making the content in classes rigorous and having students use critical thinking skills to solve real world problems, (Relevance) making the curriculum relevant or applicable to real world applications, and (Relationships) having great teacher/student working relationships.

Go Royals!

Mr. Ed Behrens


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