Interact Club Comes to SM


Staff Writer

With over 200,000 youth ranging in ages from 12- 18, and 10,700 clubs in 109 different countries, Interact, an organization focused on community and character building projects, has finally added San Marcos to their family. This new club is supported and guided by the Rotary International Service Club, but run locally by juniors Laurel Mead, Rachel Fay, and Krista Bowdle. Although sponsored by the Rotary Club, Interact is financially independent and responsible for coordinating all activities.

Interact is a community service club with an international focus,” said co presidents Fay, Mead, and Bowdle. “We hope to complete two big projects this year with multiple small-scale activities, all benefitting communities globally and locally.”

The clubs first project of the 2012-2013 school year will be a book drive. All books collected will be donated to the Goleta Public Library with the intent of being sold at an affordable price to low-income families. Members of Interactwill receive community service hours for participating in projects and attending meetings on and off-campus. The club offers a warm and welcoming environment and encourages all students to join and make suggestions for improving the community. If you wish to broaden your international and local friendships come to room D-08 on Thursday’s twice a month for the Interact club.

Rachel Fay, Krista Bowdle, and Laurel Mead are in charge of running the international club Interact, which is now on campus.


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