Fiona Apple Rocks Bowl to its Core


Photo Editor

Fiona Apple, the accomplished alternative/jazzy pop singer, came to the Bowl on Sept. 12 and put on an ecstatic and lively show. Although Apple has lost commercial attention in the past decade, her popularity has been revived due to the recent release of her new album The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do. Since she had not come out with a new album for seven years now, many of her fans are very joyous that she has returned to producing new music. This new excitement was evident in the crowd as she opened with the popular single “Fast As You Can” from one of her previous albums When The Pawn. The entire audience exploded in applause with recognition of the hit song, and a lively atmosphere took hold as the fast paced and energetic tempo lightened the mood.

The next few songs “On The Bound” and “Sleep To Dream,” were played stronger than in their original recordings, giving a hard rock feel to the normally blue and solemn sounding tunes. This came as a pleasant surprise to many audience members, creating a mass of bobbing heads and energetic dancing, normally not accompanied with the singer’s jazz and blues tone.

Not all of her songs contained this vibrant energy, however, and the following song “Anything We Want” from her most recent album, calmed the energetic spirits present previously and replaced them with a romantic vibe. This feeling continued through a couple songs until it was shattered with a heavy, rocking version of the hit “Not About Love” that shook the bowl with its strong bass line and intense stops and starts.

Then for her last song she once again calmed the excited spirits of the crowd with the slow blues ballad “It’s Only Make Believe.” She then waved goodbye and the entire gathering roared with applause upon the exit of the extremely talented artist. 


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