Borderlands 2 Vastly Improves


Staff Writer

Borderlands 2, released on September 18, is a sequel to the role-playing shooter Borderlands. Borderlands 2 is 1-4 co-op 

game that takes place on the Colonized world of Pandora, aptly named for its dangerous environment. Pandora’s workers, originally prison inmates, broke free, and formed groups of bandits, fighting for the planet’s limited resources. Developers from 2K games and Gearbox spent three years creating the Borderlands sequel. It proves to be far superior to the original with improved story, graphics, and overall game mechanics.

The story takes place after the four Vault hunters from Borderlands find that their search was in vain and are left on Pandora. In Borderlands 2, four new Vault hunters are lured to the planet and their guide, Handsome Jack, attempts to kill them. Jack fails and the new vault hunters go to find Sanctuary, the last safe place on Pandora. During their search, they find one of the original Vault hunters, Roland, who is leading a resistance force against the Hyperion company who wishes to exploit a recently discovered naturally occurring mineral called Eridium. Now the Vault hunters fight against the Hyperion company and Handsome Jack for control of the planet.

The graphics of Borderlands 2 are improved in that they still have a comic feel and better texture loading. This means that the graphics are slightly more aesthetically pleasing and will load faster in the game. The developers did not want to change the graphics look, but they knew that Borderlands had glitches that could make the game unplayable.

Borderlands 2 contains improved game mechanics, making it far more enjoyable than the first. The economic system is more balanced and it is easier to afford appropriate equipment for each level. The first game was difficult to play without a friend, but this game is easier for single players. The developers have learned to balance the game based on player level more than by co-op. Borderlands was famous for being able to spawn 17 million different guns. Borderlands 2 has an unknown specification right now, but it is expected to be much larger.

The first game feels lonely because you don’t have a lot of dialogue pushing you forward,” said Borderlands 2 lea


d writer, Anthony Burch in an interview with IGN entertainment. “Every time an objective changes in Borderlands 2, somebody is there with a line of dialogue explaining why you should care.” “The gameplay was similar to the first,” said Senior Centurian Chatmongkolkasm. “But the reformat of the classes makes it better and the story is better too.”

Although the game improves over the first, it is dry at the beginning and can bait consumers into believing it is not worth buying. Because of this setback, the rating of the game out of 10 would be a 9.


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