Let’s Begin the Trial

Feature Editor

In early September, Mock Trial held seminars to show freshmen and beginners what Mock Trial is really about. Later in the month the tryouts began, and over fifty eager students rushed to D-4 for auditions. The well known teachers Mr. Ohrn and Mr. Burrows hosted the tryouts, in which the students had to portray a witness or attorney. In the end, more than forty students made the team, and they are now beginning their journey to the championship

This year’s case is about a felony hit and run. With all circumstantial evidence and no physical evidence, the trial became a “he said, she said” case. Mired in confusion, the case is up in the air, and could easily sway to either the prosecution or the defense. The verdict will likely come down to the portrayal of the characters.

“Hard work, character, and cruelty are going to lead us to success,” said senior and veteran Mock Trial member, Josh Chittick.

Many past Mock Trialers returned this season and advanced to the varsity team. This team is diverse because of their seasoned members that are striving for a winning season. The Junior Varsity team is vigorously preparing for the Santa Barbara Junior Varsity Mock Trial championship which is hosted by both San Marcos and Dos Pueblos. One of the ways both teams are preparing and sharpening their skills is by attending a two day seminar at Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts this fall.

“We have a fantastic prosecution and defense team,” said sophomore newcomer, Oliver Piltch. “We have many strengths and it will help us win.”

We wish both teams good luck and hope they bring home many victories.

The most recent Mock Trial packet is shown here


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