Presidential Candidates Fight for the Lead in Debates

Copy Editor

On Wednesday October 3, the University of Denver held the first presidential debate for the 2012 election. President Barack Obama and Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney went head to head, discussing the present issues in America and their solutions for solving them. Romney challenged Obama, criticizing his presidency over the last four years while Obama addressed the American people, hoping to persuade them to give him a second chance. The two candidates’ views were vastly different. One such example of differencing views is the use of federal money. While Obama looks forward to a clean energy future by funding solar and wind energy, Romney wants to focus on picking up the economy and creating more jobs. They also disagreed on the subject matters of Obamacare and Medicare coverage, the education system, and tax breaks. One thing they did agree on, however, is that the country needs to be relieved of their national debt and that the American people deserve a brighter future.
Press concluded that Romney won the first debate. ABC Newsreported that he spoke well and explained tough topics with ease. Romney also showed passion in hounding President Obama on difficult subjects such as the national debt and decrease in unemployment rates. While Governor Mitt Romney had a good performance, President Obama, on the other hand seemed to stumble on his words. According to CNN, a survey conducted before the first debate showed that 41% of voters believed that Obama would appear as the better candidate in the upcoming debate, while 37% of the voters believed Romney would remain the most favorable applicant. However, after the first presidential debate, expectations lowered for President Barack Obama, voters now are 31% in favor for the president while 42% for Governor Mitt Romney.
Less than two weeks later, the second presidential debate was hosted at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York on Tuesday October 16. Lead candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney discussed such issues as the national debt, health care, taxes, and immigration. Both presidential candidates faulted; Romney often went back to some things he said in attempts to clear things up and Obama defended himself against Romney’s critical views of his presidency. A big topic was the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs. Both men agreed that jobs need to be brought back to America. Romney said that America needs to come back on top and attract entrepreneurs to lead the world’s economy while Obama more cares for the high-wage, high-skilled jobs and not so much for the low-wage, low-skilled jobs such as the manufacturing jobs being outsourced. President Barack Obama wants to invest in advanced manufacturing, so that scientists and engineers are equipped with the tools they need. The candidates were asked to debunk their misperceptions. Romney said he cared for all of the American people and not just the wealthy. Obama shot down the socialist conspiracies and believes in self-reliance and the achievers. He wants citizens to make advances for the entire country.
ABC Newsaddressed the second debate, anchors, Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos noted that Obama brought up matters that the democrats wanted to hear, one being the 47% comment made by Mitt Romney. Political Analysts claimed that President Obama was a more challenging opponent for Governor Romney, Obama was more aggressive and assertive, but Romney was still able to hold his own. Many politicians and news anchors believed that Obama won this debate.


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