Girls Volleyball Channels Excellence

Online Editor & Copy Editor

On October 30, the Royals went up against Buena with the title of Channel League champions in their reach.

The Royals won each of the three games resulting in an overall match win. In the first game San Marcos beat Buena with a score of 25-12 . The girls won the second game with a score of 25-16. The third game ended with a score of 25-21 leading them to victory.

Their win against Buena placed the team as Channel League champions for the first time since 2002. In a series of  a total of 8 league matches they won 6, rightfully earning them the title.

The volleyball team was supported by the large amount of students that showed up to cheer on the girls, more Royals were at the game than Buena’s students despite the fact the game took place in Ventura.

Our main goal was to get a good start on each game.” says team captain Andie O’Donnell “Everyone contributed to our win.”

We look forward to next years season and  will continue to cheer on those channel league champs!

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