Girls Volleyball Decimates Competition


Sports Editor

On November 7, the San Marcos volleyball team took on Millikan High School. The Royals crushed the Millikan Rams, winning three consecutive games and the match. 
Middle hitters Kristen Berlo and Carly Yarnell played well Tuesday night. Junior Katie Kim blocked a shot from the Rams that ended up bouncing back at the Ram and hitting her right in the face. The Rams brought a huge player with them, #25 Sherridan Atkinson.

She was 6’5”, but volleyball is a team sport so we knew that they weren’t going to win because of one girl,” said Kim. “She didn’t have as big of an impact as she could have, our blockers did a good job. I didn’t play that well, but the team helped me and we all helped each other out to get a win.”

The Royals play Marymount High School on Thursday. Marymount is ranked fifth in the state, and is currently undefeated in league.
“If we use everything we’ve learned in practice and play our best, I think it’ll be a good game,” said junior Andie O’Donnell. “Our passing was great and our middle hitters played well and did a great job.”

Wear red and come out to the Thunderhut this Thursday Royals!


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