Mock Election


Online Editor & Copy Editor


As many know, on November 6 the nation watched in anticipation as they awaited the results of the 2012 presidential election. While our parents were making their contribution towards the future of America, us students had the chance to make the same decisions in the Mock Election. Even though it had no impact whatsoever, the results were taken an interest in, to see who the majority of the student body should run the country. Not only did students have the opportunity to vote on a presidential candidate, but also senator and the propositions.


“Voting is the greatest privilege that Americans have,” said teacher and mock election supervisor, Nancy Wood.


MyVote California Student Mock Election wants to encourage students to participate and learn about the election.  The results exhibited an overwhelming amount of students in favor for President Barack Obama with over 400 votes while Mitt Romney only had 86 votes. Dianne Feinstein won the senators position by 136 votes over Elizabeth Emken.The results of the mock election much mirrored the actual election results. Due to the lack of education regarding the propositions, the results are to be taken lightly.




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