Obama Moves Forward

Photo Editor

America tuned in to their various news channels on Tuesday to watch the 2012 Presidential election. Citizens from all across the United States were intently glued as networks like CNN and FOX announced the various states that each candidate, incumbent President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, had won. After several long months of debating, campaigning, fundraising and advertising, with 303 electoral votes and over 60 million individual votes, Barack Obama was re-elected as the President of the United States.
President Obama carried a total of 26 states, while Governor Romney held 24. Several swing states like Ohio, Florida, and Colorado voted in favor of President Obama.

Also decided on election night were the Senate and House of Representative elections. In California, democrat Dianne Feinstein beat out republican candidate Elizabeth Emken for the Senate seat and Lois Capps from Santa Barbara was re-elected to her position in the House. California continues to hold 53 seats in the House, with 19 seats held by republicans and 34 held by democrats. This year, the Senate is still held with a democratic majority and the House is held by the republicans.

Also in California, several measures and propositions passed. Important to students are Measures A and B, which include a property tax that will benefit education. Also important is Prop. 30, which enforces a temporary tax on goods that will go towards funding more schools. A measure that got attention with many people was the Prop. 32, which was aimed at unions. The bill would have prevented them from using money collected from their members’ payrolls to fund political campaigns or purposes. The proposition lost by a 5% margin.

Liberals across the nation breathed sighs of relief as conservative senatorial candidates Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock lost the election in Missouri and Indiana, respectively. Todd Akin, known for his infamous “Legitimate Rape” comment, was defeated by Claire McCaskill by a margin of about 15%. Mourdock lost to Joe Donnelley by 5.5%, probably due to his equally infamous viewpoint that any children conceived by rape are blessings from God and should be treated as such.
We at The King’s Page would like to congratulate all of our new and returning senators, Representatives, and our president, Barack Obama!


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