Which Disney character are you?


Comics & Classified Editor

1.What setting do you most enjoy?

A. The ocean

B. Indoors

C. The jungle

D. The mountains

2. What is your family most like?

A. Worrisome

B. Protective

C. Loving

D. Old fashioned

3. What are your friends like?

A. Forgetful

B. Cute

C. Funny

D. Loyal

4. What do you do in your free time?

A. Swim

B. Sleep

C. Adventure

D. Work out

5. What is your favorite restaurant ?

A. Moby Dick’s

B. Palazzio’s

C. Elephant bar

D. Panda express

6. What is your motto?

A. Just keep swimming

B. True love conquers all

C. Hakuna Matata (it means no worries)

D. Women can do anything men can do

7. What is your worst fear?

A. Getting lost

B. Going into a coma

C. Being a failure

D. Not being able to fight for what I want

8. What is most important to you?

A. Independance

B. Love

C. Self discovery

D. Family honor

9. How would you describe yourself?

A. Friendly

B. Graceful

C. Curious

D. Brave

10. What animal do you dislike the most?

A. Sharks

B. Dragons

C. Hyenas

D. People

Mostly A’s? you are Nemo. You are young and innocent and you crave more freedom. You are likeable and make friends easily. You are strong in tough situations and will do brave things if you need to. Stop trying to push away the ones that love you the most and you could have a happy life.

Mostly B’s? You are Sleeping Beauty. You are beautiful and talented. All of your friends and family love you and want what is best for you. You have had some hardships in your life but love and romance are due to come your way. Be careful who you trust because some may take advantage of your kindness and it can cause you pain.

Mostly C’s? You are Simba. You are curious and crave knowledge about life. Your friends adore you and your sense of adventure, but it can sometimes get you into trouble. Your leadership skills are great and you will go far in life. Remember, when life gets tough do not away from your problems.

Mostly D’s? You are Mulan. You have incredible bravery and will risk anything to protect your friends and family. You believe that girls can do of anything that boys can do. One of your biggest goals is to make your family proud and you do a great job at it. Remember to be careful and do not push yourself too hard.


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