Once Upon a Star

Copy Editor

It was a joyous surprise for all, when Marching Band and Colorguard won the SCSBOA state championships. They made history by taking the gold when before they were placed as sixth in the top twelve. Since now, the groups in the top three win, but due to the expertise and precise dynamic of San Marcos’ Band and Colorguard, they claimed first place.

It was really nerve-wracking up until second place was called, then we knew we took the title,” recalled sophomore Brodie Calleri.

Their show, titled “Once Upon a Star,” was directed by Michael Kiyoi and composed by Lozell Henderson. The performance was captivating with its beautiful tune played by the talented Marching Band partnered with the graceful interpretive dancing of Colorguard.

“This is truly a special group of students, achieving what has never been achieved at the state championships, they are a small group and are from an early position,” praised director, Michael Kiyoi.

At the beginning of competing, band and colorguard struggled. In their first competition the group was penalized for having 51 members, while the division they were in had a limitation of 50 members. They lost that specific match and then were placed up a division, where they were outnumbered by an astounding 25 musicians. Despite the hardships, Band and Colorguard bounced back and won every single competition after the minor setback.

We were a little rough in the beginning but we managed to pull through and it was worth it in the end,” said sophomore Jose Zaragoza.

Congrats to Band and Colorguard on their amazing win! Not only did Marching Band conquer in the state championships, but also they won Best Band at the Santa Barbara 2012 Christmas Parade. We cheer them and Colorguard on as they represent San Marcos pride.

It was a perfect end to a perfect season!” exclaimed Kiyoi.

Photo Credit: John Riedinger Members of Band and Colorguard walk across the San Marcos' football field in pride.

Photo Credit: John Riedinger Members of Band and Colorguard walk across the San Marcos’ football field in pride.


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