Kids Helping Kids Lights Up Lives

Copy Editor

Kids Helping Kids hosted a successful event on the evening of Saturday January 12 at The Granada, featuring an array of music, ballet dancing, and both a silent and live auction. Just by attending the concert, everyone donated to a meaningful cause. All funds raised went to the groups that Kids Helping Kids supports. The night thrived through a highly generous non-profit organization run show and a highly generous crowd.

Dancers Danielle Ireland and Jamie Elster opened the night with a stunning ballet performance to Coldplay’s “Fix You.” The song continued to play as the students participating in Kids Helping Kids walked candles up and placed them at the front of the stage, creating the perfect setting for their theme, Light Up a Life. Masters of Ceremonies, Jason Hahs and Sean King, warmed up the crowd with humor and charm as they introduced the audience to the night’s performers. The very talented Hahs and Emily Libera covered the wistful “Barton Hollow” by The Civil Wars. The duo lit up the stage and blew the audience away with their matured vocals and compelling stage presence.

The show continued to entertain as Brad Corrigan of Dispatch walked on stage performing solo with his guitar. Corrigan filled the stage with his amazing voice in both his songs and stories. Not only did Corrigan awe the audience with his worldly talent but he lastly improvised a song, only being prepared with the beat. He encouraged all the students part of Kids Helping Kids that were around to come up on stage. Then he turned his back to the audience to face the students and serenaded them and celebrated their accomplishments and the spirit of giving.

It’s an honor to get to sing tonight for a beautiful story, and a beautiful cause,” Brad Corrigan said to the audience.

Also honored to play for such an uplifting foundation was Grammy winning band Switchfoot. The Christian rock band praised the hard work of the Kids Helping Kids students and gave their performance as much gusto as it took to pull this night off. The combination of Switchfoot’s and Kids Helping Kids’ selfless intentions is what made Light Up a Life a bright evening and why people in our community and beyond will receive aide with the $176,000 raised.

What started as a humble penny drive has evolved its way up to a very sophisticated student run nonprofit organization by San Marcos’ Advanced Placement Economics students. 106 driven seniors devoted time and hard work to pull off their annual benefit concert, and it all payed off.

106 teenagers raised this money for other people, not themselves. The money was to benefit others,” said CEO Jordan Lund.

The ever-growing Kids Helping Kids shows just how powerful a group of high school students can be when they are dedicated to the cause and determined to make a difference.


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