Give Your Cause a Kickstart


Staff Writer

In 2012 the website Kickstarter raised over 319 million dollars toward small businesses starting indepently funded projects. Kickstarter is a funding website which allows everyday users share their ideas with the world and allows users to donate to projects they like or think is a good cause. The projects can be nearly anything from Zombified pet rocks to Relief Projects that help people whose homes were severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

Websites like Kickstarter have become more and more popular on the internet due to the consumer being able to pick what they want to help fund. Through donations of certain amounts of money, backers to the projects can earn certain perks such as an early customized model of the product or be invited to have lunch with the creators. Many Kickstarter-esque websites have also emerged like This website focuses more on sponsoring community projects and rebuilding or restoring old landmarks.

These websites have had a local effect with funding projects based in the Santa Barbara area. One of these funding projects includes a mural for the Parrish Aquatics Center at Buena High School. This project already has several backers and has raised over $700 in funding. Other local projects include one size fits all Zeno Wine bottle stoppers and an app that takes all of Instagrams best photos and compiles them into easy to maneuver albums. Both these projects have already gained over two thousand dollars each in donations. Many projects have sprung up from the Santa Barbara and Ventura areas including one project which has raised over $20,000 to reprint a hard copy of the graphic novel 19XX.

Some San Marcos students have also donated to projects on the website. Freshman Brenden Ring has donated to a project helping fund a museum in honor of the scientist Nikola Tesla in his old laboratory near New York.

I feel like it was a good cause,” said Ring. “It will restore his laboratory instead of having it demolished and used only for the land its located on.” The Tesla project ended up beating its goal of 850 thousand dollars and raised over 1.3 million.

These new funding platforms have grown more than 200% since last year according to Kickstarters website and are sure to continue to help fund people’s great ideas and local projects in the years to come.


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