Modernizing the Second Amendment


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On January 9, 2013 lawmakers in Maryland met to discuss the prevalent issue of gun control. They met in light of the Sandy Hook school shooting and the Aurora Theatre shooting. Democrats and Republicans agree on the need to change gun laws but have had difficulty deciding which regulations need to be passed and which are considered “a violation of the second amendment.” The conflict between the two parties greatly affects any change made towards gun control.

The Democratic Party believes in making guns more difficult to acquire and are writing new bills to further enforce gun control. They are trying to pass new bans on assault weapons and high-capacity rounds in order to prevent any more shootings like the Aurora shooting. Democratic states have these in place but politicians wish to do this on a federal level to save more lives. Recent attempts to do this have been blocked by people who fear the federal government gaining more power than the state.

The Republican Party believes in a more conservative approach to gun control and because of this, very little change has occurred. There are some Republicans who go so far as to believe that the federal government is taking too much power and the U.S. is becoming a totalitarian state much like the third reich. Due to this minority, many laws are passed to protect gun owners such as non-accountability for gun vendors. An argument commonly used by gun control opponents is that anything can be used as a weapon and limiting guns will not prevent deaths. They are attempting to reform the mental health care system and limit the media’s glorification of guns. One of their common arguments is that it is people who kill people, that a gun does not jump off the table by itself and start shooting.

“Now I see what’s happening,” said Jon Stewart on the Daily show. “A paranoid fear of a possible dystopic future prevents us from addressing our actual dystopian present.”

The meeting in Congress will occur soon with both political parties bringing new bills and legislation. Hopefully, Democrats and Republicans will come to a compromise and the meeting will create change to protect the citizens of the United States of America.


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