Nothing Speaks for Itself


Entertainment Editor

I don’t see how a book titled Nothing, could have possibly been dissapointing, but Robin Friedman proved me wrong. The authors obvious lack of research into the novel’s serious subject matter and the poor execution of the important topic of eating disorders is frustrating.

The novel begins with the rapid unraveling of 17 year old senior Parker Rabinowitz’s life. Smart, athletic, wealthy, and ivy league bound, Parker seems to be having the perfect high school experience. Yet the extremely sad and realistic pressure Parker is under, causes him to tail spin into a battle with bulimia that drains him of ambition, health, and reality. As Parker’s health deteriorates rapidly, he struggles to maintain a composed image for his family and friends.

Altogether, the plot is satisfactory and brings up a very important issue that has long been ignored and condemned as a taboo in society. However, I found quite a few problems with how seamless the author made his situation sound. The main character very easily understood his dissorder and started treatment quickly with the support of family and friends. I was expecting a more realistic ending rather than the hitchless work of fiction that was told. reports that 10 to 15 percent of people who suffer from anorexia or bulimia are males. The percentage of men suffering from eating dissorders is steadily growing, yet still the issue continues to be ignored.

Although the novel shined light on a growing issue of mental health in society, it fell short of the potential a book concerning such issues could have, instead it was close to nothing.


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