San Marcos Struggles with Defensive Chargers


Staff Writer

In the jam packed Thunderhut Friday night, the San Marcos Royals lost to the Dos Pueblos Chargers’ crushing defense. With a relatively low scoring game of 48-31, San Marcos could not push through to gain their second win on the chargers. The game started out rough with the Chargers up 15-7 by the end of the first quarter. This lead gave the Chargers momentum as they carried their lead throughout the game. It was DP’s killer defense that made every one of San Marcos’ shots a struggle to make. With a shooting average of 24% for the game, the Royals struggled to put away a shot and several bad passes put them in a tough score gap to come back from.

We are going to have to put away our shots and use their mistakes against them,” said junior and team captain Bryce Ridenour in a pre-game interview.

It was exactly this that the Royals struggled with only scoring 31 points in the whole game and having trouble adapting to the Chargers aggressive defense. The Chargers also gained many scoring opportunities through putting in rebounds and stealing several risky passes thrown by the Royals. These missed opportunities quickly were converted into baskets by the Chargers which put the score farther and farther apart.

After this tough loss it puts the Royals in a tie with the Santa Barbara Dons for first place in league. These rivals will clash on Tuesday night at Santa Barbara High School to see who will gain the title of first in league.  


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