A Call for Classes


Staff Writer

Ever wonder why San Marcos doesn’t have the ideal class or elective you want? The reason is because the school has been experiencing budget cuts, something that has become increasingly common in school districts during our nation’s economic crisis. It’s a sad thing, especially when a student wants to take a Marine Biology class or be a part of an Academy of Visual Arts. However, if San Marcos made some changes on their own, we could have a boatload of new classes on the list by fall! Cutting out new—yet unnecessary—things, such as the new establishments around campus would certainly save the school a lot of money. Taking out classes that have a low percentage of student interest could save money. Raising funds for classes or departments should be considered as fundraisers and are always a big hit with students. The science department asks for and receives donations from parents, so they can afford their science equipment and supplies for labs.

“Funding comes out of the district general fund,” explained San Marcos principal Mr. Behrens. “The amount we get is based on student enrollment so an increase in student enrollment would mean more classes. In the past five to six years, we’ve had to cut $20 million so a higher student attendance rate would help as well. We are working right now to launch new programs such as the Entrepreneurship Academy and marketing classes. We are also working to revitalize some classes from the past.”

So far, Dos Pueblos has earned itself the Engineering Academy, The Academy, its own theater company, and International Baccalaureate. The Engineering Academy provides students with hands-on education in Science, Math, Technology, and Engineering. The Academy helps students who need assistance graduating, their goal is to help members succeed. The DP Theater Company organizes their own productions and puts on talented performances. Fourthly, International Baccalaureate is a rigorous diploma program for college-bound students.

Santa Barbara High School has attracted attention with its impressive inclusions along with the Visual Arts & Design Academy (MAD), and by offering German language classes in the Foreign Language Department. Marine Biology, Horticulture and Earth 111 are offered as a dual enrollment for SBCC. The Green Academy and the Dons Net Cafe are student magnets. The Visual Arts & Design Academy begins sophomore year and focuses specifically on visual arts but also includes English, Social Studies, and Science. Finally, the Green Academy is an academy for students who want to make a positive impact on the community and environment by participating in “green” projects.

That does not mean that San Marcos is less superior to Dos Pueblos and Santa Barbara High School considering the school’s own unique academic courses. However, it is in the school’s best interest to either add on or bring back classes from the past. Something new and exciting is wanted here—let’s make that happen.


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