The Day of the Single Struggle and the Cute Couple


Staff Writer


Valentine’s Day is the day where singles get to look on jealousy as couples get all gooey affectionate over each other on the so called “Day of Love.” Valentine’s Day is a day of celebration; you can either celebrate your relationship or celebrate your single life. All Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday designed to make you spend money on cards, candy, and flowers. If you are in a relationship, feel free to enjoy this day with your significant other.

For happy people in relationships, take Valentine’s Day as a day to spend as much quality time with your partner as possible. Its not about how much chocolate they buy you, or how big a teddy bear they buy you, its about what they say or how much time they spend with you. Girls, guys in high school do not have enough money to spend on the giant teddy bear and flowers. The holiday should not even be about the stuff that you buy, but about your feelings for another person.

For the single person on Valentine’s Day, do not despair. Remember that Valentine’s Day is not really a day to spend with loved ones, but a day to sell candy and flowers. It is not a day to feel sorry for yourself or feel sad that you are not in a relationship. Hang out with other single friends and celebrate your single life. If you are just getting out of a relationship, take this as a day to think about it and then move on.

Overall, Valentine’s Day is completely different depending on your outlook. If you are in a relationship, spend the day with your loved one and appreciate what you share. If you are single, just have fun, do not think about it as a day to feel sad.


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