Spring Fashion Trends


Contributing Writer

Black and white
Black and white. The peanut butter and jelly of colors. The famous duo is major this season.  Worn together or separately, these colors are good for all seasons, but will be really hot for spring. This trend is versatile for everyone; you do not have to be really daring to rock this look. Opt for nice clean black jeans with a loose white chiffon top and a black cardigan. Everyone loves a good white and black pattern, just be careful to not end up looking like a checkerboard or an inmate.

Striped like a zebra, call that jungle fever… stripes are here and taking over. Stripes are always a classic look, it will really pop this season. Striped tops are the way to rock this look. Remember to avoid super thick stripes, as it can make you look bigger than you actually are. Vertical stripes give a slimming effect.

White Denim
No white after Labor Day? Well technically it is always after Labor Day if you think about it… White is huge this season as I have already mentioned, and nothing is going to be hotter than white denim! If you are not blessed with Karlie Kloss’s legs, opt for a white jean jacket or even a white denim button up.

We are going to be seeing a lot of collars this season! The traditional button up with a collar is always a standard and a personal favorite, but this season we will be seeing a lot of “fake” collars on shirts. The Peter Pan collar or even just a sewn on collar detail will really make necklines pop this season. This trend is super easy to pull off and always makes an outfit look polished.

Flower power! Springtime is all about the flowers coming out, even on clothes! A floral pattern is generally flattering on everyone; an all over print is a good way to wear this. Go for a cotton dress in a floral pattern, or a look tank with some small flower details.

Printed Jeans
I know right. Printed denim? But really, this trend is hot this season. This could very easily look like a hot mess, so be extra careful to pull this off successfully. Jeans with a pattern on it are everywhere in stores now. To start out, go for a small basic white print pattern over light wash jeans. This look is definitely more daring, so this might not be for everyone.

Collar ID by Isabella Bacon

Collars are particularly popular this spring.

Isabella Bacon won Best Dressed of San Marcos Class of 2013. She has a background of working in retail and runs a fashion blog. She will probably walk faster than you, even in six-inch heels.


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