Students Dream of a Better Future


Copy & Online Editor

The 8th annual AB 540 college night was held at the San Marcos High School Cafeteria on February 27. Assembly Bill 540 is a law supporting undocumented immigrant students who have difficulties affording the high costs of out-of-state tuition but hope to attend a university or college. This California law allows in-state tuition fees at public colleges for such students. The night provided useful information to qualified students and their parents about AB 540 and also the California Dream Act which includes laws AB 130 and AB 131. The Dream Act allows qualified AB 540 students to apply for grants, scholarships, and other financial aid opportunities.

AB 540 impacts students in a very positive way,” said Mr. Castellanos. “It provides more financial aid and resources so undocumented students can meet their college goals.”

Many guest speakers attended the meeting, informing future college students of great opportunities. Speakers included financial aid counselor Saul Quiroz and Allie Martinez from Santa Barbara City College. Director of Santa Barbara’s Cal-SOAP program, Ismael Ulloa also spoke at the presentation, providing financial aid information and the chance to attend workshops on college financial aid. Students can receive help in acquiring funds from universities that the schools obtain from private donors, to pay for books and boarding.

Thanks to the California Dream Act and the AB 540 law, dedicated, undocumented students in California get the chance to reduce their tuition fees and create the future they want, and make their dreams come true.


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