Cook Like an Irishman


Staff Writer

Do you want to cook a traditional Irish dinner to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Follow these simple steps to create an Irish meal that practically everyone will enjoy.

The first components of the meal are the corn beef and vegetables. Traditional vegetables that are served are carrots, cabbage, and potatoes. You can either buy already cooked corn beef and vegetables, or you can cook them yourself. If you do cook the corn beef, you should follow the recipe on

Next is the Irish soda bread. It is called soda bread because the recipe calls for baking soda to be used instead of the regular yeast. This part of the meal you will have to make, since grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and Gelson’s do not sell Irish soda bread. For information on how to make the bread, go the the website For best results, put lemon juice in milk instead of using the buttermilk suggested by the recipe. 

The last part is the dessert, which is usually an apple pie. To make the apple pie, simply follow the instructions on Or you could buy an already made apple pie from a local grocery store.

Finally is the eating of the meal. Have your friends and family wear green and come over to celebrate and enjoy your delicious Irish dinner. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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