Strange Oscar Moments

Staff Writer

Recently, the Academy Awards had their 85th awards ceremony, honoring the very best movie-makers and films in the country, and after 85 years, some pretty strange things have happened, both funny and crazy. So in light of the recent Oscars, here are some of the strangest things ever to happen at the Oscars.

At the 46th Academy Awards, a man named Robert Opel disguised himself as a reporter in order to get backstage, and during an introduction speech given by David Niven stripped off his clothes and streaked across the stage.

The audience burst into laughter, and Niven quipped,“Well, ladies and gentlemen, that was almost bound to happen… But isn’t it fascinating to think that probably the only laugh that man will ever get in his life, is by stripping off and showing his shortcomings?”

At the 66th Academy Awards, many accused Jack Palance of accidentally reading out the wrong name for the Best Supporting Actress. The award went to Marisa Tomei for the 1992 hit My Cousin Vinny, but many believed it was supposed to go to Vanessa Redgrave. The award is still in Tomei’s possession, and very few are still arguing that the award was not supposed to go to Tomei.

In the most recent Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence, while climbing the steps to accept her award for Best Actress, tripped and fell.

You guys are just standing up because you feel bad that I fell,” Lawrence joked after the audience gave her a standing ovation. “That’s really embarrassing.”

Other than these large mistakes, guests at the Oscars have tripped slightly, swore on camera without being censored (this happened to Jennifer Lawrence earlier in the night on the red carpet), and messed up their acceptance speeches. This goes to show that even in a program with the best stage managers and directors, things can still go wrong. Usually the actors react well to their mistakes, cracking a joke or two, which only makes the audience like them even more. Of course, there are more hilarious things to go wrong in future Oscars, whether they happen at the next Oscars, or the Oscars ten years from now. And when they happen, the San Marcos King’s Page will be ready to research and expose to the student body the light-hearted, silly mistakes actors are bound to make.


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