Which Vampire Diaries Character are You?


Comics & Classified Editor

1. What is your worst fear?

A. I do not have any fears

B. Losing those I love

C. Doing the wrong thing

D. Going crazy

2. Who is your favorite family member?

A. I do not have a favorite

B. My brother

C. My grandmother

D. My sister

3. What is your favorite hobby?

A. Flirting

B. Cheerleading

C. Spiritual activities

D. Drawing

4. What do you look for in a significant other?

A. Acceptance

B. Honesty

C. Loyalty

D. Someone who makes me forget my problems

5. If you were a supernatural being what would you be?

A. A vampire

B. Nothing, I would rather be human

C. A Witch

D. A medium

6. What career would you most like to have?

A. I do not need to work

B. Writer

C. Magician

D. Bounty hunter

7. How would you best describe yourself?

A. Sneaky

B. Compassionate

C. Helpful

D. Lost

8. What animal do you identify with most?

A. Crow

B. Horse

C. Dog

D. Lion

9. What color best describes your personality?

A. Red

B. Light blue

C. Green

D. Black

10. What tv show do you prefer?

A. Grey’s Anatomy (I like the gory scenes.)

B. Full House

C. Charmed

D. American Horror Story

Mostly A’s? You are Damon Salvatore! You are a big flirt when you are single but when you find the right person you are loyal to the core. You are passionate and fearless and that can be a deadly combination. You will do anything to get what you want, even if it is not the best idea. Try and be more patient and careful and what you want may just work out for you.

 Mostly B’s? You are Elena Gilbert! Your kindness and compassion are your best qualities. You are a great person and people easily fall in love with you. You have had many hardships and know what it is like to lose the ones you love but you have learned many life lessons from your struggles. You make mistakes but don’t let that it get to you because you are already very wise for your age.

 Mostly C’s? You are Bonnie Bennet! You are absolutely loyal to the core. You will do and risk anything to protect the ones that you care about. You are very unique and down to earth and your friends adore you. Remember that everyone makes mistakes and forgiveness is an important attribute to have.

 Mostly D’s? You are Jeremy Gilbert! You have gone through some tough times in your life but you have come out strong. You are human and you have made many mistakes but you are still a fantastic person and you are good at loving people. Try to find who you really are and do not be influenced by others.


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