San Marcos Crushes SB


Staff Writer


The boys varsity volleyball team came into a competitive game against Santa Barbara with hope, focus, and the goal to win. With their royal talent and enthusiasm, they accomplished their goal, crushing Santa Barbara three games to one.

The boys lost the first game, but with a very close score. At this point, the game was equally matched, each team tugging and pulling in their own direction. Picking their heads up, they won the second game with the help of Taylor Mann, who had great tips on the ball. Mann tipped the ball with accuracy to where no one could dig it on the Santa Barbara court. Sean Estabrooks and Joe Terre dived with no fear of hitting the ground, to dig the ball and save it, giving San Marcos countless chances to spike Santa Barbara.

“I think the game went well because of the energy we brought as a team,” said sophomore Sean Estabrooks. “Everyone continued to keep the energy and that allowed us to not get too deep into a hole. Even when someone made a mistake, everyone picked each other back up to play at a high level.”

Winning the third game, up 2-1, San Marcos racked up ten points, while Santa Barbara only had a few. Shane Hauschild spiked game winning balls, keeping San Marcos in the lead. Christian Widmer had perfect sets, giving our side a perfect ball. The contribution of each player on the team helped finish the fourth and final game with a key victory over Santa Barbara 3-1. 


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