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News Editor

Of the up and coming phone applications, Lulu is among the most despicable. For those unfamiliar with Lulu, it is an app available for iPhones and Androids, which allows women to anonymously rate men, publish their reviews, and read others’ slander. From there, women are able to search for males by name, location, high score, or low score. Initially launched in December of 2012, the app has already earned figures in the millions and caught the attention of millions nationwide. It is currently voted as one of the “best dating websites” of early 2013.

On her website www.onlulu.com, the creator, twenty-eight year old Alexandra Chong, declares to have created the website with the purpose of designing a website for women to write and read reviews about men. In fact, from those reviews, Lulu boasts its ability to shelter women from the so called “bad boys” or “jerks” they may otherwise fall for. Fans of Lulu even go so far as to justify their support by claiming that if it was not for Lulu, there would be no way to screen possible mates before dating.

“Girls who spend time on Lulu are wasting their time,” said senior Jamie Elster. “If you really wish to get to know someone then go out and meet them instead of spending hours stalking their Lulu profile.”

Who is on Lulu, one may ask. Lulu takes the liberty of automatically creating a profile for every male Facebook user by taking basic information such as age, relationship status, and college off of a male’s Facebook profile. Unlike other Facebook linked applications like Formspring and Honesty box, males do not subject themselves to this cruel rating system. They are subjected simply by having a Facebook page.

It doesn’t take a genius to know this is morally wrong. It is a showcase example of societal flaws. Dating or love interests have morphed a relationship between not two people, but two people and an entire social network of either haters or lovers.

It is a sign of our culture declining,” said senior Alex Smith, when asked about the app.

Lulu promotes itself by stating, “You can be brutally honest without worrying it will end up on someone’s Facebook or in your crush’s hand.” However, for those out there taking Lulu reviews to heart, news flash, reviews from bitter ex girlfriends or biased best friends cannot capture a man’s true person. And for those out there defending their Lulu usage by stating it is “funny” or “entertaining” to read reviews, maybe it is time to offer oneself up for others humor or entertainment.

Junior Jack Haley addresses this point by saying, “The new lulu app is not only despicable, but truly disgusting. If a girl rating system was introduced, girls would freak out, and cause a huge commotion.”

Since there is not yet a way for males to delete their Lulu account, the responsibility is on girls to not read or review. For all females on Lulu, delete the application, forget it, get out there and allow men a chance to make an impression, absent of social media. 


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