Mad Men Brings Back the 60s


Staff Writer

Mad Men season 6 premiered on April 7 on AMC and was a two-part special. The story of Mad Men follows the lives of advertising men on Madison Avenue in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. It demonstrates many of the vices of that time with subtle messages, such as only one woman in accounting while the rest are just secretaries, and African-Americans are only seen as janitors or elevator men. They also show the reactions of people to significant events, such as the assassination of President Kennedy and the riots from the Civil Rights Movement. Alan Sepinwall of thought the premiere was “Thoughtful, moving and gorgeous in that ‘Mad Men’ way.”

The protagonist is Donald Draper played by Jon Hamm, a man who is a prodigy at advertising but suffers from the vices of that time period, such as heavy smoking, drinking, and adultery. He is a high-level partner at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, a fictitious advertising company created after the previous company, Sterling Cooper, was bought by another company. He remarries in season 4 after getting divorced from his ex-wife, Betty Francis played by January Jones for concealing his past and cheating on her multiple times. Season 5 follows his marriage to Megan Draper played by Jessica Pare, a secretary at his office.

The premiere starts off in 1968 with Don and his new wife in Hawaii on vacation. It is shown that his life has become immensely better since the divorce and that he may be happy. When he returns to work though, he pitches an advertisement that, to the customer, appears to be a man committing suicide, insinuating that Don is not content with what he has. At the end of the premiere, he and his wife are at a New Year’s gathering with another couple. When Megan and the husband of the other couple leaves, he promptly commits adultery with the man’s wife, something done constantly with his previous wife.

The premiere provided good answers to the questions asked at the end of season 5. It will be interesting to see how Don will interact with his wife after cheating on her and if he will do it again. It was good to see how the characters are doing since last season and it provided many humorous moments that kept me in the show.


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