Ruben Orozco Honored by the CSEA


Copy Editor

On March 20, 2013, our very own San Marcos computer technician Ruben Orozco was honored by the California State Employee’s Association (CSEA) Classified Employee of the Month award. He is the first to receive this prestigious award, which honors exceptional employees who work for schools in the district who are not teachers or administrators.

He is very reliable,” said Vivian Rangel, San Marcos Bilingual Assistant. “He is always efficient and we can always count on him. We feel so good when he’s here to help us because he helps us be able to continue working when we are having computer troubles. We can never figure it out ourselves but he is always extremely helpful. We think he’s great, and he’s a great person to work with.”

Each elementary, junior high, and high school in the district had one nomination, and the CSEA chose two winners, one of whom was Ruben. He was awarded for his “dedicated, knowledgeable, and kind service to all with whom they work.” This was the first time that the CSEA has given out these awards, and Ruben was honored at the CSEA Chapter 37 Monthly Meeting (along with secretary Doris Gutierrez).

I was very honored to receive the award,” said Ruben. “It’s fun working at San Marcos, and it’s really easy getting an award with such great working staff, teachers, and students.”

Congratulations to Ruben on this achievement! 


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