Tomb Raider Improves


Staff Writer

Tomb Raider, released on March 5, is a reboot of the popular video game franchise. The game won many awards at the E3 show prior to its release, demonstrating the faith people had in it. After many unpopular and inadequate Tomb Raider games, this one has redeemed them all and is one of the best games of this year.

The game’s graphics are amazing, immersing the player into the beautiful Japanese environment. There are not many invisible walls, which gives the player more area to explore the game and collect items of interest. The soundtrack of the game matches the intensity of the emotional scenes and works well into the background of the game. The voice actors perform extremely well and the developers made sure to bring in actors from Europe, in order to keep with the protagonist being from Britain.

The story of Tomb Raider was written fairly well. The protagonist is Lara Croft, an archeologist who is searching for the lost Japanese kingdom of Yamatai along with the crew of the Endurance, a salvage vessel. The Crew members include Lara’s mentor and captain of the ship, Conrad Roth, her best friend Samantha Nishimura, and world renowned archeologist, James Whitman. After searching for a while in the Dragon’s Triangle for Yamatai, a storm shipwrecks Lara and the Crew on Yamatai, where a large group of cultists who worship the Sun queen try to kill them. Lara is forced to kill those who stand in her path and must use her survival training.

The gameplay is well done and is one of the best blends of action-adventure, survival, and open world. The experience system works well, as you can gain experience not only from killing enemies and completing missions, but also from collecting food, hunting animals, and finding necessary supplies. The main weapon used by Lara is a bow, which is different from the past games in which Lara used dual pistols. Using the bow is enjoyable, as it is silent but lethal when the player focuses the shot. As the player collects salvage on the island, they can upgrade parts of the weapons Lara has. The player can also find weapon parts in salvage crates, which upgrades the gun itself and allow for new parts to be upgraded. This is one of the best mechanics of the game and makes the player want to search high and low for salvage parts.

Overall, Tomb Raider is a game that can be enjoyed for many reasons and makes the player want to check out the old Tomb Raider games just to see how vastly the series has improved.


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