Lockdown Stories

Lockdown Stories

Gabe Kang: “I ‘filled up’ a water bottle and watched Pulp Fiction in Mrs. Holdmen’s class.”

Sierra Aigner: “We ate cookies and watched The Hunger Games in Mrs. Bergstrom’s class.”

Kellen Petddicord: “Mr. Bradley made us do homework and watch ESPN.”

Colin Sininger-Banales: “I was in charge of four freshmen, and also barricaded the door, and made a home-made spear.”

Jayne Wamsley- Library Assistant: “We had about 70 students taking the AP English Language test in the library. The kids looked up for a second, and then continued to take the test like nothing happened.”

Carlos Contreras: “Mr. Ohrn decided to give extra APUSH review, but I ended up falling asleep.”

Alicia Gibson: “It was really boring! I faced timed my friends in Ms. Wilson’s class.”

Adrian Rodriguez: “In Mr. Zaunius’ class, I made my first instagram and watched people play ‘HORSE’ with paper balls and a trash can.”

Barbara Ramirez: “I was taking the AP Language test and the proctor told us to keep testing. I was a little scared,  wondering what was going on.”

Mrs. Fikes- Math Teacher: “My class constructed a homemade bathroom!”


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