Royals Paddle to Victory


Staff Writer

Every year the Santa Barbara Outrigger Canoe Club holds an annual fundraising race that is open to the public. This year, a group of six motivated San Marcos students including Alex Zauner, Sam Kilpatrick, Nick Schultz, Ben Goldberg, and Skylar Rousseau, competed against eight adult teams and placed second.

A typical outrigger canoe consists of a single hull that sits seven people with another hull that runs parallel to the canoe that is used for stability. In a race the six people paddle in unison, and switch every ten strokes while the seventh person steers the canoe. The distance of a race can vary from short sprints, 200-500 meters, to 42 kilometer races, and anything in between. The outrigger canoe originated in Polynesia and was used for efficient transportation. Now, it has developed into a competitive sport across the globe and has spread to the Santa Barbara community.

The race took place at the Santa Barbara Harbor. It started at Sterns Wharf and the competitors paddled vigorously into the harbor. Each team had at least one member of the Outrigger Canoe club steering, and for the Royals it was Teresa Dayrit, the mom of San Marcos team member, Alex Zauner. The competition was divided into three heats. In the first round San Marcos finished second to the Boathouse Restaurant team. However the Royals still advanced to the next round where they placed third, but because of their overall time they still advanced to the finals. In the final round the San Marcos boys lost by four seconds to Deckers Outdoor Corporation, and placed an impressive second place. When they returned to the shore they were greeted with congratulations and compliments. They were incredibly proud of their accomplishment.

The race was a great way to spend a Saturday doing some physical activity,” said sophomore Alex Zauner. “I was proud with second because we were racing against grown men and women, some were really good paddlers, and they all were in good shape.”

I love paddling, and winning second was like devouring a warm piece of bread on a cool winter night,” said sophomore Sam Kilpatrick. “Overall it was a great day, and a great event.”

I have been paddling with the Santa Barbara Outrigger Canoe Club for nine years,” said San Marcos art teacher Mrs. Rainville. “This event was a fundraiser for the club, and a way to raise community awareness about it.”

The Royals took home another satisfying victory, but this time it was not in a traditional sport. The team had an awesome day paddling, and hope to race more soon. Check out for more information on upcoming races or how you can become involved in the club.


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