San Marcos Tennis Dominates on the Courts


Staff Writer

San Marcos ended this year’s tennis season with a 3rd place in channel league and a record of 7-5.

Tennis is played either in in one-on-one matches called singles or two-on-two called doubles. The players play a number of games to see who wins the set, the winner of the the best two out of three sets wins the match. The games are won by whoever reaches 4 points first and if there is a tie then the first one to a 2 point advantage wins.

The Royals had a great win this season beating the 7th ranked team in their division Arroyo Grande 81-75. The team also battled in a tough league with some of CIF’s best teams. The Royals ended the season beating both the Ventura Cougars and Buena Bulldogs but lost to their in town rivals Dos Pueblos and Santa Barbara High.

The season is going fine,” said head coach Mr. Bradley. “We have been improving in singles and slowly improving more in doubles.”

We had a great season,” said junior Owen Lincoln. “We all improved and Peter made it all the way to singles finals.”

San Marcos senior Petar Jivkov took second in channel league after a battle with SB High senior Graham Maassen during Channel league singles finals. The Royals traveled to Mira Costa for their first round CIF matchup but were defeated in a tough match. The Royals ended their season defeating two of their big rivals and making it to the CIF preliminary round.


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