Mud is Mud


Sports Editor

Don’t go see Mud.

Mud, played by Matthew McConaughey, starts out with two boys, Ellis, played by Tye Sheridan, and Neckbone, played by Jacob Lofland who take a boat out to an island where they find Mud. When the two boys find Mud, he asks for their help. He asks them to go get food and supplies for him in town. Mud who lives on the island found a boat stuck in a tree that he wants to get running so he can escape. This raises question for the boys. Why is he on this island and why does he need their help? The boys go on a hunt for things that Mud needs to make the boat functional. Later in the movie you find out that Mud, the mysterious character McConaughey is portrayed to be, is actually hiding. He is a fugitive for killing another man. The boys find this out but for some reason continue to help him. While Mud is hiding out, not only are the police looking for him but the family of the man that Mud killed is also looking for him.

The movie wasn’t bad, per say. It definitely did not keep me on the edge of my seat. Of course Mud did everything for a woman, because it seems that in every “good” story a man does something reckless and stupid for a love interest. Mud is no different.

So the question is, would I recommend spending $10 to see Mud in theaters? The answer is no. 


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