The Royal Psyche- A Psychological Survey


Staff Writers

Psychological surveys are fun to take and a useful way to learn more about yourself. In this survey, 15 boys and 15 girls were asked to answer the following three questions. Answer the following questions yourself and find out what characteristics you have.

1: If a turtle doesn’t have a shell is it more homeless or more naked?

Claudia Herrera

The shell is more of its body than its home, so it’s naked.”

20/30 or 67% chose naked.

Choosing this answer means you are a very comical person who has a “glass half-full” perspective. You probably are very sociable and love to be around people especially your friends.


Paige Brown

Its shell is its home and without it, it’s homeless.”

10/30 or 33% chose homeless.

If you chose this answer, you are probably a more literal and serious person. You tend to focus on the facts or use logic to thoroughly think through situations you encounter.

2: Which came first the chicken or the egg?


Alec Taylor

The chicken came first.”

16/30 or 53% chose the chicken.

Choosing this answer means that you are a mature person who is comfortable with people who are not exactly your age. You are also an animal lover and believe in certain phenomenons and miracles.


Rocio Pacheco

It makes more sense that things began smaller, so I think the egg came first.”

14/30 or 47% chose the egg.

If you choose this answer you are probably a charismatic and smart person. You believe in growth and improvements to make your life and surroundings better.

3: Is crying a weakness or a strength?


Danny Smith

If someone makes you cry it’s showing them its letting it get to you.”

12/30 or 40% chose weakness.

If you chose this answer you are an outgoing person and a risk taker. People view you as a tough person who doesn’t let the little things bother you.


Jose Espinosa

To let your feelings show takes more strength.”

18/30 or 60% chose strength.

Choosing this answer means you are an empathetic person who is kind to those around you. People view you as thoughtful and trustworthy.

The findings of this survey suggest that the majority of the student body are happy and caring people. This may explain why San Marcos is very spirit oriented and has a supportive and positive atmosphere.


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