San Marcos students visit the Santa Barbara Literary Society


Staff Writer

On May 16, a group of students from the Writer’s Society and King’s Page went to a Santa Barbara Literary Society luncheon to hear one of their members discuss writing techniques. This tradition has been going on for ten years at San Marcos to enrich the minds of those looking to pursue writing as a career or to improve their writing skills.

“Literary Society was a great opportunity for anyone who wants to be a writer or improve their outlet of creative fun,” said senior Leanne Sturman, one of the students who attended the luncheon. The guest speakers are always writers who have joined the literary society. They discuss their lives, giving students an opportunity to learn how they developed as writers.

This year, the guest speaker was Thrity Umrigar, an Indian American writer born in Mumbai who immigrated to the United States at twenty-one. Her stories are related to her experiences in India and include The Space Between Us, Bombay Times and The Weight of Heaven. “The reason why we read literature is because it taps into the human emotions, primarily empathy,” said Umrigar when asked about why reading is important.

The book she discussed at the luncheon was the recently released novel title The World We Found, a story about four college women who bond during the time of political and social unrest in Bombay. After thirty years, a reunion between them is occurring, resulting in different feelings for each friend. The students that went to the luncheon were expected to read The World We Found and formulate questions to ask Umrigar for an hour before she gave her speech.

“The Santa Barbara Literary Society has provided us with some terrific experiences over the years,” said Jack Hobbs, a San Marcos English teacher and one of the chaperones. “Ms. Umrigar was definitely one of the most inspiring, intelligent and creative people we’ve ever visited with, and we all left wanting to go right home and begin writing stories.”

The field trip was exciting for those who enjoy writing and is recommended to those who are thinking of writing after high school. 

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