Summer Staycation


Staff Writer

The best part of waking up during summer break is knowing that you have a full day to do anything you want. We live in Santa Barbara, and you do not have to travel out of our beautiful city to have an amazing summer.

What could you do with mountains behind you and the ocean in front of you? You can have a relaxing beach day. You can go surfing, paddle boarding, swimming, or tan on the sand. Play a game of volleyball, soccer, or football.

There are plenty of mountainous hikes you can participate in with your friends and family. Journey up to beautiful views along the Santa Ynez Mountains. Go on a walking tour through one of our beautiful trails and learn about the history of the trail and the path’s surroundings. If you are feeling adventurous and want to enjoy nature, go camping at Red Rock, Lake Cachuma, or plenty of other campsites provided in the Santa Ynez Mountains. There is a beautiful display of wildlife, plants and trees at the Botanic Gardens located off Mission Canyon.

“The best part about a staycation is going to the beach because it is very relaxing,” said freshmen Alex Bakai.

There are hundreds of shops downtown where you can hang out with friends. The Paseo Nuevo mall, the Mesa Center, and Stearns Wharf are a few popular areas. There are also rock climbing lessons downtown on State Street if you want to bring your skills to the rock gym and show off your strength, speed, and ability to climb. Go on a whale watching ride off the coast and observe the bustling sea life.

If you ever wanted to experience or feel amazing sea animals and creatures, you could go tide pooling out at UCSB. Have you ever been on a standing two-wheeled vehicle? Go on a segway tour through downtown Santa Barbara, and feel a cooling breeze as you ride. Why not exercise in the most beautiful city in the country? Take a run along shoreline and East Beach, or go out to UCSB to play basketball, soccer, and football.

Relax at home. Read your favorite book, watch your favorite television channel, and listen to your favorite music playlist. We have various museums that provides you with intriguing new knowledge. Two examples of these museums is the Natural History Museum and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Take a walk through the beautiful butterfly reserve out in Goleta, on the Ellwood bluffs.

“I love catching up on all the books I wanted to read during the busy school year during the summer,” said Mrs. Bergstrom.

With a wide variety of things to do in the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, trying one of these fun activities promises to make an exciting, enjoyable summer.


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