The Class of 2013 Graduates


Sports Editor


The date: June 6, 2013. Families, friends, and loved ones have assembled to witness the graduation of San Marcos’ class of 2013. Hundreds of people pack into the stands of Warkentin Stadium. The best seats are quickly occupied; people begin to spread further and further to the left and right of the planned position of the graduates, who have begun to file out in pairs, beaming and waving to those who have assembled. They walk down the track to the general applause of the audience and assemble on the school’s turf field.

Graduation is a special time. San Marcos Royals who have spent the last four years as high school students, and the entirety of their lives as children, no longer belong to either group. Instead, they are adults, some moving on to higher education in the pursuit of knowledge and training and others joining the workforce and helping to support their families.

Prior to the ceremony, the award winning Madrigals performed the national anthem and school valedictorian Caroline Vance and co-salutatorians Hannah Roodenrijs and Hannah Koper received awards for their academic accomplishments throughout their high school careers, namely their remarkably high GPAs. Lauren Klammer and Allison Escrocia-Lopez gave senior addresses and Principal Ed Behrens delivered stirring opening and closing speeches to the assembled graduates.

To finish off the ceremony, after every graduate had been acknowledged by name, the seniors performed a flash mob and threw their graduation caps into the air. Once all the formalities had passed, the audience rushed onto the field to offer their congratulations, take pictures, and say their goodbyes to friends. While it was a very happy and celebratory event, a feeling of wistfulness hung in the air.

It was really sad to think I wouldn’t be back in the fall but I’m glad the class of 2013 all had fun together for one last time and went out with a bang,” said UC Redlands undergraduate and former San Marcos senior Yoseline Gonzalez.

Congratulations graduates, good luck with all of your future endeavors as adults. And, to all the remaining students of San Marcos High School, congratulations on completing another year of school and good luck with your sophomore, junior, or senior year. You will be graduating before you know it.


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