The Best Santa Barbara Beaches


Staff Writer

Santa Barbara sports a wide variety of phenomenal beaches. We asked students to pick their favorites, whether it be for enjoying the waves at one of the many exceptional surf spots along the coast, cooking a juicy steak at a barbeque with good friends, or simply basking in the sand under the warm sun on a summer day.

Kelsey Songer grade 10- I like Carpinteria Beach because it is not usually crowded and the water is not usually gross.

Jacob Panossian grade 9- I like Rincon because it is good for surfing.

Jose Espinosa grade 10- I like Rincon for surfing and Haskels for a BBQ with friends.

Aidan Kelly grade 10- I like Campus Point because when waves crash on this one rocks it creates a swirling effect like a toilet and its really fun to sit in.

Paul Nemerishin grade 12- I like “R” beach because its a fun local spot to surf and does not get crowded.

Maryam Hinachi grade 10- Campus Point is my favorite because I did junior guards there and that was really fun.


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