Don’t Forget These Dorm Necessities


Feature Editor

Summer is at its end with fall fast approaching. If you are leaving for college and will be living in a dorm, now is the time to dorm shop and get prepared. This is an exciting time, which makes it easy to overlook small but necessary products. You will need everything from coins to kitchen appliances to power strips. The list is extensive, but these tips can help even the most confused soon-to-be freshman.

Coins? This may have confused you, but fear not, my friend. Most college laundry systems run on quarters, so make sure to bring enough to last you until you come home for Thanksgiving. Or, if you prefer to not haul a bag of quarters to school on move-in day, set up a bank account if you do not already have one and remember to stock up regularly. You will also need to always have laundry detergent available. Don’t be the stinky person no one wants to be in the vicinity of because you forgot to bring laundry money or soap.

Chances are, you are familiar with using flash drives. Even if you are not, bringing a high GB flash drive to college. You will write more papers, make more PowerPoints, and do more projects than you ever did in high school. This will be a crucial item and help ensure success in your academic endeavours.

Who wants to drink gross tap water all year? Not you? Then it is time to invest in a Brita water filter. For about twenty five dollars, you can have clean water in your room whenever you want. This is much cheaper, and more environmentally-friendly, than buying multiple plastic water bottles a day. Purchasing a water filter will both save you money and from drinking questionable water from your sink, if you are even lucky enough to have your own bathroom connected to your dorm room.

With all of the fun college brings, you will also experience the bad. There will be all nighters, nights when you simply stay up too late, and nights when you do something you shouldn’t and have class the next morning. The simple solution, going to bed early and refraining from illicit nighttime activity, is impractical to most college students, so here is a more attainable one: bring a coffee maker. Coffee is the not-so-secret secret to keeping somewhat sane in college. It will help you wake up, and stay awake, through those early morning classes and late study sessions.

In most cases, each dorm room only has a few outlets. However, you probably have many more electronics than your room will allow for. Bring a power strip with surge protection or two to solve this problem and prevent your phone from dying and yourself from getting electrocuted.

Your first year of college will be fun, but it will also be confusing. Don’t make the transition even more difficult by forgetting essential items.


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