Football Starts Off With A Big Win


Editor in Chief

The Royals started their season right this year with a 35-14 win over the Cabrillo Conquistadores. Up until halftime the game went exactly like its predecessor last year, San Marcos was tied with Cabrillo at 14-14. All similarities stopped after the third quarter started; the Royals scored twenty one points and shut out the Conquistadores offense. Senior Esteban Alfaro scored three touchdowns for the Royals.

“It’s a new team”, said head coach Anthony Linebaugh. “It’s a new start. [They] aren’t shackled to the past. I was very proud of them and the way that they finished the game.”

Hard work and two-a-day practices seem to be paying off well for the Royals.

“The team got more aggressive,” said senior and starting quarterback, Wesley Ghan-Gibson. “We trust each other more. We have a chance at being very good.”

Next week football takes on Rio Mesa. Led by Gibson, the Royals hope to take home another win.



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