Café Royal Makes Its Debut


Editor in Chief

On Friday September 6, the Teacher Appreciation Lunch was held at Café Royal. The Café is meant to become the culinary teaching center of San Marcos.

Café Royal provides students with an opportunity to learn culinary skills at San Marcos,” said Principal Behrens. “I want to thank the Royal Pride Foundation for the creation of this space. We’re really excited that our students have the Café Royal Culinary Program.”

The Café Royal provides students with a place to learn an important skill without having to sit in a classroom. It gives them an opportunity for hands-on learning.

With the help of the Royal Pride Foundation and Santa Barbara School District board members,  Café Royal was built and now resides in a separate room attached to the Cafeteria.

We’re extremely pleased and very proud of our foundation, and the idea and passion that goes behind our projects,” said Royal Pride Board Chair, Katina Etsell.

The culinary class will most likely be second period and the students enrolled will have the opportunity to cook lunch for the staff in their new space. Not only will students get to cook in the class but they will learn life skills such as health and cleanliness. Teachers benefit from the Café Royal too, previously having to eat in the faculty lounge, they now have the Café to go to. The class is planned to start next semester.


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