Largest Freshmen Class in SBSD Arrives to SM


Staff Writer

Freshmen are filling the halls of San Marcos High School, representing the largest group of incoming freshmen in the secondary school district. Their swelling numbers show a radical change from last year, when San Marcos’ freshman class was the smallest in the district at 495 students, compared to 557 at Dos Pueblos High School and 584 at Santa Barbara High School.

San Marcos principal Ed Behrens suggests that the improvements made to San Marcos both physically and academically are a huge attraction to new students.

We did a lot of outreach. We have new and exciting programs that the community is interested in,” said Mr. Behrens when addressing the reason for freshmen population increase.

A few years ago students who were in our geographic area were choosing Dos Pueblos or Santa Barbara instead of coming to San Marcos and we’ve reclaimed a lot of those by enhancing our programs,” concluded the principal.

The ninth grade cohort has not been complaining about its own size. If students of the class of 2017 have not heard it on Royal Report, they may not even have even noticed that they are the largest class in the district.

My classes don’t really feel that crowded,” remarked freshman Ryan Guardino.

Other freshmen stated that they look forward to being a part of such a large group because of the new people they will meet and the drastic change from the tight numbers in junior high school.

When asked if a large group seems to be making classes crammed or overfilled, freshman Bennet Reichard replied that school seems better with more classmates because, “there’s more chance of people being really good at things like athletics and academics.”

There may be more opportunities for this freshman class because of its size. Its members will benefit from what financiers call the “economy of scale,” an efficiency created when the size of production grows. By having more students, there might be four Spanish class options instead or three or entirely new courses offered.

It is wonderful that San Marcos can offer strong and improved programs such as

AAPLE Academy, Health Academy, Entrepreneurship Academy, and the Culinary Arts Academy. By enhancing these opportunities, San Marcos increased and expanded its student population.

Furthermore, having such a huge class is not hurting San Marcos, it is making it better. We can thank the amazing campus improvements and new academic opportunities for such radical freshman class growth.


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