Homecoming Carnival and Tailgate Party


Staff Writer

On Friday, September 27, San Marcos put on their Homecoming Carnival on the upper basketball courts before the Homecoming football game. The carnival is a way to connect with the community, to raise money for clubs and the school, and to show school pride.

It is to have fun and involve the community more,” said Activities Director Mr. Solis. “To see the kids, have the kids interact with the community.”

This year, for the first time the Royal Pride Foundation, an organization that helps fundraise for the school, put together a tailgate party with food from Kahuna Grill. The 400 tickets available were all sold out before the event even started.

“The tailgate is kind of a publicity event for the Royal Pride Foundation,” said Principal Ed Behrens.

A few of the clubs that set up booths were Global Humanitarian Awareness, Dream Foundation Club, Drama Club, and Beach Volleyball Club. They all had a member of the club raising money by selling food or running a game.

We were asked if we wanted to be part of the carnival and I thought it would be a good idea because it wouldn’t cost us much and we would be able to maybe make some money,” said senior Nico Victoria, president of the Ultimate Frisbee Club. “And I just thought it would be a fun thing to do.”

Also, a few students from Auto Class featured a car they had made. The car is an electric Porsche painted dark blue and it has an SM logo on the trunk. Also, it can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 17 seconds.

Three inflatable bounce houses were set up including an 80 foot long obstacle course.

“It’s good for school spirit . . . it’s a great way to celebrate homecoming,” said Principal Behrens.

The Homecoming Carnival and Tailgate Party was a lively event that showcased a few of the great programs and activities at San Marcos. Everyone was enjoying the San Marcos culture and the mass of red clothing revealed plenty of San Marcos spirit.  


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