Royals Hold On For Thrilling (Homecoming) Victory


Sports Editor

The Royals hosted a homecoming game for the ages against the Channel Islands Raiders, winning 38-33.

The San Marcos defense shined for most of the game that night, with major contributions from Josh Beasley, Josh Foley, Inri Cortez, and Andres Martinez, but a quick touchdown late in the fourth quarter by the Raiders gave them a 33-31 lead.

During the next offensive possession, the Royals turned the ball over, but got a second chance after the defense forced a punt. San Marcos then grinded their way down the field with a 60 yard drive, ending with a rushing touchdown by Esteban Alfaro with 45 seconds left.

The defense closed out the game with a sack from Jack Haley and a sack from Josh Beasley on fourth down.

We practice late game situations at the end of practice when we’re tired, so that helped a lot,” said quarterback Wesley Ghan-Gibson, who threw for 294 yards on Friday.

This Friday the Royals go on the road to clash with Nordhoff, who are also undefeated this season.


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