Noozhawk leadership leads journalism workshop



Director of Communications

 The San Marcos King’s Page spent the day in the newsroom with Noozhawk founder Bill Mafayden and news editor Tom Bolton learning how to read press releases and write leads. Mr. Macfadyen and Mr. Bolton brought their many years of experience to present real life examples of how a professional journalist creates publishable stories.

“Most professional journalists got their start at their high school newspaper,” said Bolton. Very few of these folks will actually become journalists, but a few will. We enjoy being able to help in that process, provide a bit of guidance. Even if people don’t go into journalism, the skills that you learn in journalism will help you in almost any field you go into. The ability to do research, gather information and express it clearly and concisely is such a huge asset.”

“We’re really excited to be working with student journalists because we know that they’re the people that are going to be succeeding us,” said Macfayden. “If we can get [students] excited about the career and opportunities that exist in news organizations, that’s to our benefit.”

For the past 55 years The King’s Page has been a print newspaper. The King’s Page continues this tradition, however in the past two years The King’s Page has been increasing their presence online with and social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

The King’s Page is partnered with Noozhawk to learn more about journalism and promote their online papers.


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