Liberty in North Korea


Editor in Chief

In 2004 an organization started in hopes of rescuing the innocent lives of North Korean citizens. Beginning their cause in 2010, they have since rescued 188 refugees and the number continues to grow. The non-profit organization is Liberty in North Korea (LiNK), and on October 23 they were gracious enough to visit San Marcos High School to bring awareness to us students.

During their presentation they played the movie Danny in North Korea, a story of a boy who escaped North Korea in search of his mother. It showed the harsh struggles suffered every day by civilians of North Korea. The tyrannical leaders, the collapse of the economy, shortage of food, and public executions are just a few of the grim aspects of life endured by the people. Thankfully, with the help of LiNK, Danny was able to contact his mother and later move to America.

Even with the help of LiNK, it is incredibly difficult to escape North Korea. The country that is easiest to escape to-China-does not recognize escapees as refugees and will send them back to North Korea, where they will likely be tortured and killed. Leaving the country is illegal, and with its corrupt government, breaking the law has extreme punishments.

Liberty in North Korea started a mission project, #BridgetoNorthKorea, to help refugees who still have family and friends in their home country send money to them. LiNK has over 10,000 refugees sending money, helping families become independent from the North Korean regime. Donating $100 to the cause shelters one refugee during the rescue, $250 accommodates a refugee with basic needs, $500 grants safe transportation through countries, and $2,500 is the cost of rescuing one refugee.

Anyone can create an account and start their own fundraising campaign, learn more at Liberty in North Korea’s website:

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